PA Medical Marijuana Program Licensee Support

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 16 of 2016 which provides for a Medical Marijuana Program in the Commonwealth. If you are an Act 16 licensee or a law firm servicing clients licensed under the Act as growers, processors or dispensers there are many regulations to insure the integrity of principals, financial backers, operators, employees, to provide for the security of facilities and methods of transport, and requiring investigations of theft, diversion, or discrepancy discovered during operations.

As the former head of Pennsylvania’s drug control agency responsible for both criminal and regulatory matters regarding the dispensation of controlled substances, I have the expertise and resources needed to assist you in this emerging area. Whether it’s due diligence investigations on behalf of the licensee, developing or reviewing security and surveillance plans that meet the requirements set forth by regulation, setting up a solid transportation system, or conducting investigations of theft, diversion, or discrepancies as required, SRW Strategies can provide professional and confidential services to support the licensee.

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 1, 2018 our ability to provide these services has changed due to restrictions placed on us by our insurance carrier. If you desire Act 16 support please contact us to discuss your needs and the methods by which we may be able to help. Thank you.